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Legislative advocacy for the welfare of animals

Animal Welfare Advocacy was formed in January of 2003 and operates as a sister organization to Animal Welfare Trust (www.animalwelfaretrust.org).

The organization sponsors and supports the enactment of new laws, as well as the reform of existing laws, to provide for the more humane treatment of animals and to educate the public on underlying issues. AWA also vigorously opposes legislation that compromises animal welfare. AWA serves its mission at all levels of government, including the administrative process.

While AWA is broadly concerned with the welfare of all animals, we believe that farm animals represent in sheer numbers, the most abused and least protected of animals. Accordingly, AWA emphasizes farm animal legislative reform at all levels of government and includes among its goals the enactment of federal legislation requiring fundamental humane welfare standards.

Brad Goldberg : President and Director
Mariann Sullivan, Esq.:  Secretary and Director
Debora Bresch, Esq.:  Director

A 501(c)(4) Corporation